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Endnote 8 Online Library

by Ralph Bock, Volker Knoop The past decade has witnessed an explosion of our knowledge on the structure, coding capacity and evolution of the genomes of the two DNA-containing cell organelles in plants: chloroplasts (plastids) and mitochondria. Comparative genomics analyses have provided new insights into the origin of organelles by endosymbioses and uncovered an enormous […]

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Sims 4 Online Library

by Christine M. Mahoney Explores the impact of the latest breakthroughs in cluster SIMS technology Cluster secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) is a high spatial resolution imaging mass spectrometry technique, which can be used to characterize the three-dimensional chemical structure in complex organic and molecular systems. It works by using a cluster ion source to […]

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Wiley Online Library 2018

by Thomas Engel, Johann Gasteiger Edited by world-famous pioneers in chemoinformatics, this is a clearly structured and applications-oriented approach to the topic, providing up-to-date and focused information on the wide range of applications in this exciting field.The authors explain methods and software tools, such that the reader will not only learn the basics but also […]

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